Dr. Feelgood

The Complete Stiff Recordings

Année : Janvier 2006
Label : Grand

1. I Love You, So You're Mine (Wallis)
2. You Got My Number
3. Big Enough
(Birch, Watkinson)
4. Don't Wait Up
(Astles, Birch)
5. Get Rhythm
6. Where Is the Next One ?
7. Play Dirty
8. Grow Too Old
(Bartholomew, Charles, Domino)
9. Rough Ride
10. I'm a Real Man
11. Come Over Here
12. Take What You Can Get
13. Don't Wait Up
(Astles, Birch)
14. Something Good
15. Rockin' with Somebody New
(Burnette, Smotherman)
16. What Do You Think of That ?
17. See You Later Alligator
18. Hunting Shooting Fishing
(Birch, Russell)
19. Break These Chains
(Rhodes, Ross)
20. Heartbeat
21. (I Wanna) Make Love to You
22. Highway 61
23. Hurricane
24. Quit While You're Behind
(Birch, Mitchell)
25. Nothing Like It
26. Spy vs Spy
(Birch, Russell)
27. Crack Me Up
(Birch, Morris)
28. Lights of Downtown
29. A Touch of Class
(Bradford, Hankins)
30. Don't Underestimate Your Enemy
31. Crash Your Car
(Birch, Russell)


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11 Mai 2017

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27 Novembre 2016

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20 Novembre 2016

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