Dr. Feelgood

Looking Back

Année : Octobre 1995
Label : Liberty ACDFEEL 195

Disque 1
1. Roxette
2. All Through The City
3. Cheque Book
4. Twenty Yards Behind
5. She Does It Right
6. Bonie Moronie/Tequila
7. Going Back Home
(Green, Johnson)
8. You Shouldn't Call The Doctor (If You Can't Afford the Bills)
9. I Can Tell
(McDaniels, Smith)
10. Back In The Night
11. I'm A Man
12. I Don't Mind
13. I'm A Hog For You Baby
(Leiber, Stoller)
14. Checking Up On My Baby Williamson
15. Stupidity
16. Johnny B. Goode
17. Lights Out
(David, Rebennack)
18. You'll Be Mine
19. Walking On The Edge
20. Hey Mama Keep Your Big Mouth Shut
21. Nothin' Shakin' (But the Leaves On the Trees)
(Colacrai, Fontaine, Gluck, Lampert)
22. Sneakin' Suspicion

Disque 2
1. She's a Windup
(Brilleaux, Martin, Mayo, Sparkes)
2. Looking Back
3. Ninety-Nine and A Half (Won't Do)
(Cropper, Floyd, Pickett)
4. Baby Jane
(Bishop, Nesbitt, Reed, Simmons, Wilson)
5. As Long As the Price Is Right
6. Down At The Doctors
7. Take A Tip
(Brilleaux, Mayo)
8. Every Kind Of Vice
(Brilleaux, Mayo)
9. Milk And Alcohol
(Lowe, Mayo)
10. Sugar Shaker
(Brilleaux, Mayo, Sparks)
11. Night Time
(Feldman, Goldstein, Gottehrer)
12. Riot In Cell Block #9
(Leiber, Stoller)
13. My Buddy Buddy Friends
14. Great Balls Of Fire
(Blackwell, Hammer)
15. Pretty Face
(Boyle, Daneski, Sandall, Worman)
16. Put Him Out Of Your Mind
(Mayo, Vernon)
17. Java Blue
18. Hong Kong Money
(Brilleaux, Martin, Mayo, Sparks, Wingfield)
19. No Mo Do Yakamo
(Krekel, Yakamo)
20. Jumping From Love To Love
(Brilleaux, Fasterley, Martin, Mayo, Sparks)
21. Violent Love
22. Shotgun Blues
(Brilleaux, Martin, Mayo, Sparks)

Disque 3
1. Waiting For Saturday Night
(Guitar, Dave Tice)
2. Trying To Live My Life Without You
3. She's The One
4. Crazy About Girls
5. Monkey
(Difford, Tilbrook)
6. Rat Race
(Brilleaux, Guitar)
7. You Don't Love Me
(Katrina Music Co.)
8. She's In The Middle
9. Dangerous
(Brilleaux, Mitchell, Morris, Russell, Wallis)
10. I Can't Be Satisfied
11. Close But No Cigar
(Brilleaux, Mitchell, Morris, Russell, Wallis)
12. My Way
(Capehart, Cochran)
13. Rock Me Baby
(Josea, King)
14. Tore Down
15. Dust My Broom James
16. I Love You So You're Mine
17. Don't Wait Up
(Astles, Birch)
18. Come Over Here
19. Get Rhythm
20. I'm a Real Man
21. See You Later Alligator
22. Quit While You're Behind
(Birch, Mitchell)
23. Hunting Shooting Fishing
(Birch, Russell)
24. (I Wanna) Make Love To You

Disque 4
1. Mad Man Blues
2. King For A Day
(Brilleaux, Martin, Mayo, Sparks, Wallis)
3. Primo Blues
(Doctor Feelgood)
4. Standing At The Crossroads Again
5. Two Times Nine
6. Down By The Jetty Blues
(Birch, Doctor Feelgood)
7. No Time
8. Tell Me No Lies
9. She Moves Me
(Ling, Watson)
10. Fool for You
11. Tanqueray
(Johnson, Richards)
12. Wolfman Calling
(Bronze, Morris)
13. The Feelgood Factor
(Bronze, Morris)
14. If My Baby Quits Me
15. Roadrunner
(Dozier, Holland)
16. One Step Forward
17. Mojo Workin'
18. Heart Of the City

Disque 5
1. Interview 1 - Lee Brilleaux - Early Influences
2. (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66
(Doctor Feelgood)
3. Interview 2 - Lee Brilleaux - Record Deal
4. Keep It Out Of Sight
5. Interview 3 - Lee Brilleaux - Number One Album
6. Interview 4 - Lee Brilleaux/Wilko Johnson - Parting
7. Homework
(Clark, Perkins) (Live)
8. You Upset Me Baby
(Davis, Josea, King) (Live)
9. Down At The Doctors
(Jupp) (Other)
10. Feature - South Bank Broadcast
11. Don't Take But A Few Minutes
12. Interview 5 - Lee Brilleaux - Other Departures
13. Eileen
(Guitar, Tice)
14. A Touch Of Class
(Bradford, Hankins)
15. She's Got Her Eyes On You
(Brilleaux, Mitchell, Morris, Russell)
16. Interview 6 - Lee Brilleaux - Canvey Islandcancer
17. Solitary Blues
18. Looking At You
(Birch, Walwyn)



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