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I ain’t bowered - new Feelgood’s bold claim (1977)

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I’ve never seen the Feelgood live, says their new guitarist, John Mayo. So what you say about me feeling the burden of replacing Wilko won’t be as heavy as you imagine…

You’ve never seen Wilko That pallid bug eyed visage as white on white as a dead goldfish projecting from a buttoned up black Burton’s shirt making Telecaster machine gun runs

I saw him on the telly, John says. But that’s all. I move around a lot on stage, but I do it in my way, not Wilko’s. Look, I ain’t bowered about taking his place, I’m just loving being in the band and looking forward to the tour and getting a chance to play…

Biographical date John Mayo comes from Essex. When he escaped school-daze at 16 he became a printer’s apprentice. But this was inevitably blown out when the local band he was in at the time (all his previous bands, like 747 and Halycon, have been with neighbourhood mates) were to far out on the road for Mayo to make it in for the start of the morning shift.

During our talk at the record company lig to promote the Feelgood’s new Sneaking Suspicion album he strikes me as an unpretentious type of geezer who should fit in with the personalities of the rest of the band – although abrasive character clashes usually inspire output of a higher quality ; Lew Lewis reckons he’s a great guitarist.


George Hatcher introduced me to the Feelgoods John says referring to the Anglo-Red-neck he used to jam with. We rehearsed together and it went great so I got the gig…

You’d never run into them before that ?
No. Not until Wilko went after their German tour finished.

He’s unable to tell me anything about Wilko’s attempt to get material he had written from the new Feelgoods album (which Wilko, of course, features on) and is silent when it comes to the reasons for the split, parrying my questions with remarks about the band’s future, as opposed toits past.

All I know is that a short while ago the Feelgoods without Wilko would have been unthinkable. I wish John Mayo the best of luck. I think he’s gonna need it.

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