Dr. Feelgood

Goodbye Nashville, Hello Camden Town : A Pub Rock Anthology

Année : 26 mars 2007
Label : Castle Music

Disque 1
1. Goodbye Nashville, Hello Camden Town - Chilli Willi & The Red Hot Peppers
2. Billy Bentley (Promenades Himself In London) - Kilburn & The High Roads
3. What Have We Got To Lose - Bees Make Honey
4. Country Girl - Brinsley Schwarz
5. Only Daddy That'll Walk The Line - Country Fever
6. Scruffy Old Cow - Chas & Dave
7. If I Could Only Play Like That - Jim Sullivan
8. How Long - Jerry The Ferret
9. All I Need Is Money - Eddie & The Hot Rods
10. Runnin' Down To Memphis - Eggs Over Easy
11. Day Job - Meal Ticket
12. Third Rate Romance - The Fabulous Poodles
13. Drinking Socially - Kursaal Flyers
14. Man Of Renown - Writing On The Wall
15. Best I Can - Albert Lee
16. 115 Bar Joy - Unicorn
17. Arkansas - Zoot Money
18. It's Too Late For That Now - Jo Ann Kelly
19. Good Golly Miss Kelly - Brunning/Hall Sunflower Blues Band
20. Sweet Inspiration - Ernie Graham
21. Indian Bayou Saturday - Bees Make Honey
22. Country Boy - The Johnny Young Band
23. Ride On My Rainbow - McGuinness Flint
24. Roxette - Dr. Feelgood

Disque 2
1. Rough Kids - Kilburn & The High Roads
2. Train Train - The Count Bishops
3. Gibson Martin Fender - The Pirates
4. Rock'n'Roll Band
5. I Want a Drink - Mick Farren
6. If Only Mother - Mickey Jupp
7. Another Useless Day - Black Claw
8. Midnight Flyer - Mountain Line
9. Choo Choo Ch'boogie - Chilli Willi & The Red Hot Peppers
10. Fireball - Tyla Gang
11. Lunchtime Love Affair - The Cartoons
12. I Am A Rocker - Chas & Dave
13. Blue Coup De Ville - The Downliners Sect
14. Roll Your Own - The Fabulous Poodles
15. Dance Around - Bees Make Honey
16. Mama Tried - Country Fever
17. Oil Fumes And Sea Air - Stray
18. Baby You're All I Need - Ernie Graham
19. Young Blood - John Dummer Blues Band
20. Country Road - Unicorn
21. Homework - Nine Below Zero
22. Do The Monkey Man - Eddie & The Hot Rods
23. Crippled With Nerves - Kilburn & The High Roads
24. Six Days On The Road - Chilli Willi & The Red Hot Peppers

One More For The Road. A great, beer-soaked soundtrack to the bygone era was Pub-Rock - Classic Rock Magazine (2007)

Article de Terry Staunton © Classic Rock Magazine

The passing of the years has seen 'pub rock' become a dismissive and derogatory term in some circles, but this stonking, 49-track, two-CD collection of the loose early 70s scene goes some way to rescuing the form from the scorn of the sneermongers.

Called pub rock because its practitioners largely plied their trade on a circuit of smoky boozers, it actually offered punters aural pleasures of many a varied stripe. Here we have lashings of heads-down R&B (Dr Feelgood, The Pirates), Jazzy fruggers (Kursaal Flyers, Jo Ann Kelly), thinly-veiled old-style music hall (Chas & Dave, Kilburn And The High Roads), or the rural Americana vibes pioneered by The Band (Brinsley Scliwarz, Bees Make Honey). And so it goes, with little regard for the cohesion one might expect from a recognisable musical 'movement'.

That was the thing about Pub-Rock : it advocated a come-one-come-all to the point where old-school sessioneers like Zoot Money could find themselves sharing a bill with proto-punks like Eddie & The Hot Rods or The Count Bishops.

The first protagonists of Pub-Rock are largely accepted as US band Eggs Over Easy, who are represented here by Runnin’ Down To Memphis.

As the scene grew, some of its movers and shakers managed to catapult themselves into the mainstream : Graham Parker, Paul Carrack, Elvis Costello (fronting Flip City) and the Brinsleys’ Nick Lowe all went on to greater things. Of those only Lowe makes an appearance here. Instead the compilers have trawled the vaults to belatedly big-up some forgotten but nonetheless fine outlits.

The Fabulous Poodles have a couple of tunes, including a cover of the Amazing Rhythm Aces' country stroller Third Rate Romance. Among the many other highlights are Nine Below Zero’s harmonica-howling Homework, McGuinness Flint’s Ride On My Rainbow, and a couple of tipsy swingers from Chilli Willi & The Red Hot Peppers.

Nothing here is going to ever feature in a Capital Gold all-time Hot 100 , but it’s a gloriously blurry and bleary snapshot of a ragbag bunch of musicians who had their very own hic parade.



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