Dr. Feelgood

Basse : Norman Watt-Roy
Batterie : Salvatore Ramundo
Guitare : Wilko Johnson

Voix : Wilko Johnson

Wilko Johnson - Going Back Home

Année : Octobre 1998
Label : Mystic Records MYS CD127

1. Beauty
2. She's Good Like That
3. Take It Easy
4. Really Love Your Rock n' Roll
5. Beautiful Madrilena
6. Keep On Loving You
7. Underneath Orion
8. Slipping And Sliding
9. Come Back And Love Me
10. Down By The Waterside
11. Some Kind Of Hero

Eleven splintery blues-rockers from ex-Dr. Feelgood mainstay John Wilkinson. Canvey Island's Dr. Feelgood were the last credible purveyors of British pub rock, lashing the late Lee Brilleaux’s tortured bark to Johnson’s distinctive razor-wire Telecastering to produce a visceral thrill only punk could eclipse.

Twenty-odd years later, Johnson is still to be found serving up Home Counties RKB in moist-carpeted venues up and down the land, as well as appearing alongside that other superannuated, end-of-the pier eccentric, John Otway. A shame, then, that this latest set pales by comparison with former glories. Despite virtuoso bassist Norman Watt-Roy (like Johnson, an ex-Blockhead) and the expected arsenal of fitful guitar licks, it's a desultory affair. The problem is Johnson’s voice : a graceless estuary monotone, despite swathes of reverb, which diminishes the slippery combo playing of "She’s Good Like That" and "The Beautiful Madrilena". "Some Kind Of Hero" - as the closing track has it - forced, on this evidence at least, to rest on dwindling laurels. **

David Sheppard pour le magazine Q

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Wilko Johnson
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