Dr. Feelgood

Basse : Phil Mitchell
Batterie : Kevin Morris
Guitares : Johnny Guitar, Wilko Johnson, John "Gypie" Mayo, Gordon Russell, Steve Walwyn
Voix / Harmonica : Lee Brilleaux

Finely Tuned

Année : Octobre 2002
Label : Grand 25

1. She Does It Right (Johnson)
2. The More I Give
3. You Shouldn't Call The Doctor
4. Roxette
(Johnson) (Live)
5. Going Back Home
(Green, Johnson) (Live)
6. I Don't Wanna Know
(Brilleaux, Mayo)
7. Down At The Doctors
8. Milk And Alcohol
(Lowe, Mayo)
9. Going Some Place Else
10. Best In The World
11. Sweet Sweet Lovin' (Gone Sour On Me)
12. Beautiful Delilah
13. Murder In The First Degree
(Bernadie, Jay)
14. Something Out Of Nothing
(Rowbotham, Walwyn)
15. Alimony
(Ford, Garonna, Smith)
16. You Don't Love Me
17. Mad Man Blues
18. Something Good
19. Hunting Shooting Fishing
(Birch, Russell)
20. Don't Underestimate Your Enemy
21. Down By The Jetty Blues
(Birch, Doctor Feelgood)
22. Double Crossed
23. Solitary Blues
24. The Walk
25. You Gotta Help Me
(Bass, Dixon, Williamson)


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11 Mai 2017

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27 Novembre 2016

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20 Novembre 2016

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