Dr. Feelgood

Basse : John B. "Sparko" Sparks
Batterie : John "The Big Figure" Martin

Guitare :
John "Gypie" Mayo
Voix / Harmonica : Lee Brilleaux

Down At The BBC 77/78

Année : Octobre 2002
Label : Grand 26
Enregistré : Du 1er décembre 1977 au 1er novembre 1978

1. Looking Back (Watson)
2. Stupidity
3. You'll Be Mine
4. You Upset Me Baby
(Davis, Josea, King)
5. Homework
(Clark, Perkins, Rush)
6. Baby Jane
(Bishop, Nesbitt, Reed, Simmonds, Wilson)
7. The Blues Had a Baby, And They Named It Rock'n'Roll
(McGhee, Morganfield)
8. That's It, I Quit
9. Lucky Seven
10. She's A Windup
(Big Figure, Brilleaux, Mayo, Sparks)
11. Lights Out
(David, Rebennack)
12. Looking Back
13. Sugar Shaker
(Brilleaux, Mayo, Sparks)
14. I Thought I Had It Made
(Brilleaux, Mayo)
15. Ninety-Nine and a Half (Won't Do)
(Cropper, Floyd, Pickett)
16. Milk and Alcohol
(Lowe, Mayo)
17. Night Time
(Fieldman, Goldstein, Gottehrer)
18. Shotgun Blues
(Brilleaux, Martin, Mayo, Sparks)
19. You Upset Me Baby
(Davis, Josea, King)
20. Down At The Doctors
21. She's A Windup
(Big Figure, Brilleaux, Mayo, Sparks)
22. Lights Out
(David, Rebennack)


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