Dr. Feelgood

Basse : Phil Mitchell
Batterie : Kevin Morris
Guitare : Steve Walwyn
Voix / Harmonica : Robert Kane

Chess Masters

Année : Mai 2000 (remasterisé en mai 2011 Grand Records CD31)
Label : Grand 23
Ingénieurs : Roger Cotton, John Hannon

Producteurs : Dave Bronze, Doctor Feelgood

1. Nadine (Berry)
2. Date
3. You Gotta Help Me
(Bass, Dixon, Williamson)
4. Talking About You
5. The Walk
6. Twenty-Nine Ways To My Baby's Door
7. Who Do You Love
8. If Walls Could Talk
9. Send For The Doctor
(Doc Pomus)
10. Killing Floor
(Burnett, Howlin' Wolf)
11. Susie-Q
(Broadwater, Hawkins, Lewis)
12. Don't Start Me Talking
13. Gimme One More Shot
(Atkins, Lenoir)
14. (I'm Your) Hoochie Coochie Man

This is the first album to be released by Dr Feelgood since the untimely death of their original vocalist, Lee Brilleaux, in 1994. Brilleaux has been replaced Robert Kane, whose credentials include a stint as frontman with the Animals. As the album title suggests, the band have raided the archives of the Chess label and recorded their own versions of legendary R&B classics.

While the tracks here are pretty much note-for-note covers of the originals, this is a worthy collection, with songs such as "If Walls Could Talk" and "One More Shot" sounding particularly fresh. Despite not being a classic Dr Feelgood album, it is reassuring that the kings of the 70s pub rock scene are still in existence, and it leaves you craving for new and original material from the band.

Fitch Wilson

Chess Records homage from revitalised UK RRB stalwarts.

A Dr Feelgood without Lee Brilleaux and Wilko Johnson might sound like a Simpsons without Bart or Homer but, from the outset, this latest incarnation gets about as close to the original band’s sound as humanly possible. Steve Walwyn delivers Wilko-cloned staccato guitar on Chuck Berry's Nadine and licks as chunky as Birkenstocks to adorn jimmy McCracklin’s 1958 gem, The Walk. Much the same treatment is afforded classics by Bo Diddley. Dale Hawkins and other Chess stars. But it doesn’t always work. A breakneck sprint through Willie Dixon’s Hoochie Coochie Man sounds like they're too keen to reach the finishing line and, although ex-latter-day Animals frontman Robert Kane is a solid shouter, he can be a tad one-dimensional. ***

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