Dr. Feelgood

Case History

Année : Avril 1987
Label : EMI CDP 747112

1. Going Back Home (Green, Johnson)
2. Back In The Night
3. Roxette
4. She Does It Right
5. Sneakin' Suspicion
6. No Mo Do Yakamo
7. She's A Wind Up
(Brilleaux, Martin, Mayo, Sparks)
8. As Long As The Price Is Right
9. Down At The Doctors
10. Milk And Alcohol
(Lowe, Mayo)
11. Violent Love
12. Jumping From Love To Love
(Brilleaux, Fasterly, Martin, Mayo, Sparks)
13. Best In The World
14. Rat Race
(Brilleaux, Guitar)
15. Close But No Cigar
(Brilleaux, Mitchell, Morris, Russell, Wallis)
16. Play Dirty
17. Don't Wait Up
(Astles, Birch)
18. See You Later Alligator


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11 Mai 2017

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27 Novembre 2016

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20 Novembre 2016

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