Dr. Feelgood

Basse : John B. "Sparko" Sparks
Batterie : John "The Big Figure" Martin
Guitare : Wilko Johnson
Voix / Harmonica : Lee Brilleaux

Live At The BBC 1974-5

Année : Juin 1999
Label : Grand 22
Enregistré : Du 25 mars 1974 au 4 septembre 1975 au Théâtre de Paris à Londres

1. My Baby, Your Baby (Traditional)
2. I'm Talking About You
3. One Weekend
4. Rock Me Baby
(Josea, King)
5. Bonie Moronie/Tequilla
6. She Does It Right
7. Twenty Yards Behind
8. The More I Give
9. Boom Boom
10. All Through The City
11. Talk To Me Baby
12. Route 66
(Doctor Feelgood)
13. I Can Tell
(McDaniel, Smith)
14. Going Back Home
(Green, Johnson)
15. Don't You Just Know It
(Smith, Vincent)
16. Roxette
17. Another Man
18. I Don't Mind
19. Riot in Cell Block #9
(Leiber, Stoller)
20. Rollin' And Tumblin'
21. You Shouldn't Call the Doctor (If You Can't Afford The Bills)

Article de Michael Heatley © Classic Rock (1999)

1972 and still going strong – would deny that 1976’s chart-topping 'Stupidity' was the original quartet's definitive statement. Brilleaux, Wilko, Sparko and the Figure live and in their element were enough to topple the mighty Abba, if only for a week.

These BBC sessions, culled from three In Concert performances (March ‘74, January ‘75 and September'75), are therefore more than second helpings - they're the equivalent of the Holy Grail. With 21 songs crammed into an hour, this is good ol'-fashioned R&B at its brilliant best.

Singer Lee Brilleaux is sadly no longer with us-but Wilko Johnson most certainly is. 'Going Back Home' takes its title from a Feelgood classic, yet all 11 tracks herein are new ; the man rarely coasts on former glories. Yetjust as 'Stupidity' outperformed its studio counterparts, these are songs designed to be heard live, where Wilko's three-piece band really shines. The closing ‘Some Kind Of Hero' has already titled a fanzine and has claims to be an anthem of sorts. File under 'W' for Wilko - or Workmanlike.


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